Fashion Shows

Fashion shows :  A fashion show is an event by fashion designer to show case his or her upcoming line of shows debut every season ,where the latest trends are made in a typical fashion show models walk the catwalk and dressed in the clothing created by designer , the clothing is illuminated on the runway by the lighting .the order in which each model walks out wearing a specific outfit is usually planned in according to the statement that designer wants to make about his or her collection

fashion events sponsorship involvement : we establish your brand with international models and actors. models walk with your product ( jewelries , sarees , sandals etc ) and those models and actors explains about your product to the public. Anchor will explain about your brand and she will give presentation to audience. At the end of the sequence you should walk with the models and media will cover everything.we also give a brand photo shoot that is useful for showroom banners and flex and will give you video of entire show.

Marketing things :

1) Promotion pamphlet
2) Digital marketing
3) Fm radio
4) All media channels
5) Web channels
6) Magazine
7) Theaters
8) Television
9) Media PRO
10) Social Media
11) AD films
12) Public relation